Friday, January 28, 2011

GCC Governing Board Meets Monday Afternoon

Gila Community College Governing Board meets Monday at 2:pm by ITV in Room 520 at the Gila Pueblo campus. The meeting includes election of officers for 2011 and an update on efforts toward making GCC an independent, fully organized and accredited community college.

GCC Offers Weatherization and Energy Analyst Training

Gila Community College is now offering Building Energy Analyst Training and Weatherization Procedures classes. This is in response to a Whitehouse proposed national weatherization incentive program.

The Weatherization Procedures class is a one credit, two day class that will be held on February 5 and 12 at the GCC Occupational Training Center in Lower Miami. It covers residential energy conservation, maintenance, safety issues and projected savings for existing buildings.

The Building Energy Analyst training is a five credit class that begins February 17 and runs through March 12. Students will develop skills needed to implement practices for energy efficiency to buildings that will result in the reduction of energy use and prepare students for certification.

For more information or to register visit or call the Gila Pueblo campus at 425-8481.

Arizona Gas Prices Pass $3

The Arizona statewide fuel price average has passed the $3 mark for the first time in 27 months, although only by a fraction of a cent. The average increased nearly 2 cents since last week.

The nationwide average is just a little more than $3.10 a gallon. That ‘s a decrease of 1.4 cents.

Here in Globe-Miami, prices are around $2.99 for a gallon of unleaded regular.

Police Log

There was an injury accident yesterday afternoon on South Hill Street. A car failed to stop and ran into a business at that location.

Nobody was hurt in an accident yesterday at Cedar and Broad Streets.

Globe Police were dispatched to the Claypool Safeway yesterday afternoon after a shoplifter pulled a knife on the manager. A store employee was attempting to stop the suspect when he pulled the knife. The employee wasn’t hurt. The suspect left the parking lot area and went into Walmart. Walmart was searched but the suspect was not found.

Two people were arrested after a disturbance in the area of Highway 60 and Manor Drive. 47 year old Clifford Martin was charged with domestic violence assault. 46 year old Julie Gates was arrested for an outstanding warrant. Both of them were booked into the Gila County Jail.

57 year old Rhodella Smith was arrested last night for shoplifting at Walmart.

A juvenile was cited at a traffic stop for having no license and driving a vehicle with an invalid registration.

Four illegal aliens were detained for Immigration Services after an officer made a traffic stop yesterday afternoon at Hill and Ash.

Officers are investigating an attempted burglary to a vehicle at a residence on South East Street and shoplifting at Walmart.

Miami Police arrested 29 year old Adam Garcia for disorderly conduct/domestic violence.

20 year old Nathan Harper was arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct/domestic violence.

A 13 year old juvenile was detained for disorderly conduct/domestic violence and referred to juvenile probation.

Gila County Task Force arrested 47 year old Marietta Ballesteros on bad check and child support warrants.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office arrested Pamela Zufelt on a shoplifting warrant.

Show Low Police arrested 40 year old Jason Winters of Claypool on bad check and disorderly conduct warrants.


Priscilla Lupe of San Carlos passed away Monday at San Carlos Indian Hospital. She was 50. She is survived by her son Ruben Sanchez; 4 brothers; and her sister.
The wake for Priscilla Lupe is tomorrow (Saturday) at 4:pm at the Mary Bead residence. The funeral is Sunday at 1:pm at San Carlos Miracle Church.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smithsonian Food Exhibit Opens Friday

The special Smithsonian exhibit opens tomorrow (Friday) at the Gila County Historical Museum. The exhibit is about America’s diverse regional cooking and eating traditions.

Museum hours are 10:am to 4:pm Monday through Friday and 11 to 4 on Saturdays.

State Releases Revised RFP's For 5,000 Private Prison Beds

State officials have released a revised request for 5,000 more private prison beds. Corrections Director Charles Ryan canceled the original request for proposals last September after three inmates escaped from a private prison facility near Kingman. Ryan said the proposals needed stronger security requirements to avoid similar escapes in the future.

Ryan has said that the Kingman prison was riddled with security flaws that the department’s oversight failed to detect.

KOLD reports that the new 186 page request for proposals was released this week.

Workshop on Classroom Activities and Smithsonian Food Exhibit

Gila County Reading Council is conducting an instructional workshop on Tuesday, February 1. The workshop will show how to incorporate the Gila County Historical Museum’s Smithsonian Institute Food Exhibit into classroom activities. It will be at the Museum on February 1 from 4:30 until 6:pm. No membership dues or registration fees are required. For more information call 425-5985.

Police Log

There was a minor injury accident last night at Kaiser Crossing. One person was cited for failure to control his vehicle to avoid an accident.

19 year old Dustin Stover was arrested for domestic violence assault last night after a disturbance at a residence on East Cedar Street.

19 year old Terrison Henry was arrested at a residence on South High Street yesterday morning for domestic assault on his roomate.

Miami Police arrested 59 year old Edward Else for disorderly conduct.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office arrested 52 year old Evelyn Maxwell on a warrant for failure to comply on a DUI charge.

Citizens Speak Out Against Private Prisons

The Globe-Miami Times website has posted a video featuring local citizens who spoke against the idea of a local private prison at a recent City Council meeting. The video also says that the Southern Gila County Economic Development Corporation produced a DVD for state officials that claimed that a private prison proposal was supported by local residents—before anyone in Globe even knew about the idea. The video even shows the EDC president saying that the issue was approved by local voters--which of course is not true.

You can see the video at along with a couple of other new articles on the subject. The video is also posted on You Tube.

Also at Globe-Miami Times:
A dissapointment. Globe Mayor and 3 council members pass measure of support.
An Open Letter to EDC Board President

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1.4 Million Out of Work 99 Weeks or Longer

The Congressional Research Service says there are 1.4 million “very long term unemployed” who have been out of work 99 weeks or longer.

The Huffington Post reports that 99 weeks is a milestone because it is the limit for unemployment benefits. After that, the jobless aren’t eligible for much except food stamps and charity. And the job market for anyone out of work that long is downright hostile.

The CRS report says that very long term unemployment is more likely to afflict older workers than younger ones. The report also says that the long term unemployed—as opposed to the very long term unemployed just mentioned—are people who have been out of work for six months. As of December 6.4 million people have been out of work for six months are longer.

Senior Center Offers Hearing and Blood Pressure Checks

The Globe Senior Center will have free hearing screenings on Thursday from 9 until 11:30am, provided by Abbott Hearing Centers. There will also be blood pressure checks by The Crossing Hospice at 11:00.

Gosar Announces 5 Town Hall Meetings

First Congressional District Representative Paul Gosar is holding the first of five town hall meetings in Prescott next week. He says he will discuss federal spending, health care reform and local issues.

Gosar spokeswoman Stefani Zimmerman says Gosar will speak for 15 minutes at each town hall meeting before taking questions from the public.

Monday’s meeting will be at the Prescott City Hall building.

Other meetings are scheduled in Flagstaff, Window Rock, Superior and Casa Grande.

So far no meetings have been announced for Globe-Miami.

Police Log

Nobody was hurt in an accident yesterday morning near Highway 60 and Horne Motors. Heidi Wayne was cited for driving with a suspended license and failure to control her vehicle to avoid an accident.

Shortly after 1:00 yesterday afternoon Globe Police were dispatched to a hit and run accident at an address on Devereaux. While the officer was taking a report, another officer located the suspect vehicle at Copper Hills Road and High Street where the suspect had hit another vehicle. 25 year old Jesse Castaneda was arrested for hit and run.

Last night 38 year old Mark Encinas was arrested for criminal damage after a disturbance at Horizon Human Services.

37 year old Sam Hinton was arrested for criminal trespass last night at the Claypool Safeway.

21 year old Joshua Robles was arrested on warrants for posession of drug paraphernalia and assault.

36 year old James Gillium was arrested at a traffic stop yesterday morning for driving with a suspended livense.

Mesa Police arrested 46 year old Robert Cuellar of Miami on a child support warrant.

Gila County Task Force arrested 45 year old James Mitchell on a child support warrant.

Sheriff’s deputies recovered an ATV on Hicks Drive that had been reported stolen by Globe PD.

A deputy took a report of a stolen, home made car trailer. The information was entered into the nationwide database.

Globe Police are investigating fraudulent use of a credit card; a report of possible elder abuse taken at Globe Mobile Home Park; a report of telephone harassment; shoplifting at the Claypool Safeway; and a theft report taken on Century Drive

Private Prisons?

Click here for previous posts about private prisons

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thomas the Tank Engine Coming to Globe


A fun event for the whole family is coming to Globe on March 5 and 6 and again on March 13 and 14. Little engineers and their families will be able to take a ride with a 15 ton replica of Thomas the Tank Engine, star of the popular Thomas & Friends series.

The event includes a 25 minute ride, plus activities including arts and crafts, videos, storytelling, an interactive magic show, miniature golf, miniature train rides and live music. Tickets are available from Ticketweb or at


Postal Service Wants to Close Thousands of Offices

The US Postal Service plans to cut costs by closing more post offices. Beginning in March, the agency will start closing as many as 2,000 post offices in addition to the nearly 500 post offices it said it would close last year. The Postal Service also says it is reviewing another 16,000 that are losing money. It is lobbying Congress to let it close the most unprofitable ones.

Communities that lose post offices would still get deliveries, but people will have to drive to the next town to keep P.O. boxes and use other services.

Lawmakers Propose Shorter School Year

Some Arizona lawmakers want to shorten the school year by 10 days. But it would keep kids in class longer.

The East Valley Tribune reports that Sen. Rich Crandall of Mesa and Rep. Doris Goodale of Kingman believe that giving schools more flexibility with their school years might help them cope with funding cutbacks.

The plan would expand how schools can use the money they now get in donations. Current law limits the funding to extracurricular activities.The proposal would allow districts to spend anything they get on supplies and other one time expenses.

Opponents say attention spans would wane if kids are in class longer. They also say that some school districts would pay teachers less based on fewer working days, even though the days would be longer.

AZ Now Has More Independents Than Democrats

Figures released by the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office show that the number of Arizona voters who are not affiliated with any political party has exceeded one million for the first time. It is also the first time that the number of independent voters is more than those registered in one of the two major political parties.

As of January 1 there were more than 1,010,000 voters registered as “other” in Arizona. They make up 31.66% of Arizona’s registered voters. That is slightly more than the number of registered Democrats, which is around 1,008,600.

There are now more than 1,142,000 Republicans. But the percentage of Republicans has dropped from 37.1 to 35.8%.

Police Log

Gila County Sheriff’s Office arrested two women after a fight last night at the Claypool Circle K. 25 year old Jessica Morales and 33 year old Raynell Pizano were both charged with domestic violence/disorderly conduct. Morales also had a warrant for obstructing a court order for no valid driver’s license and failure to comply for driving with a suspended license. Pizano had an outstanding warrant for child support.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Asarco May Expand Arizona Mining

The union representing Asarco copper miners says that rising metal prices in the world market will probably lead to expansion at 2 Arizona mines.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that the union official told the energy and mining publication Platts that the two most likely mines to expand operations are the Ray mines and the Mission Mine south of Tucson.

Asarco had no comment and the Star’s calls to the United Steel Workers were not returned.

Copper prices bottomed at $1.33 a pound in 2008 but have recently topped $4. Some experts predict that shortages could drive up copper prices to $5 a pound.

Supervisors Meet Tuesday

Gila County Board of Supervisors meets Tuesday at 10:am. The agenda includes evaluations of the County Manager, and Gila County’s Boards, Commissions and Committees.

Portion of Apache Trail Reopened

A four mile segment of the Apache Trail reopened Friday. A portion of State Route 88 between Tortilla Flat and Apache Lake has been closed since November for repairs to storm damaged retaining walls and roadway sections.

The Arizona Department of Transportation will continue working through the end of February with occasional weekday closures of up to 20 minutes.

Police Log

Last night Globe Police responded to a dispute involving a weapon at a business on Broad Street. A 17 year old juvenile was referred to probation and released to his parents. 18 year old Michael Jimenez turned himself in and was booked on charges of aggravated assault and misconduct involving weapons.

An officer stopped a motorist who was driving without headlights and arrested 22 year old Leon Brown of Queen Creek for driving with a suspended license. Passenger 21 year old Christopher Reyes of Globe was arrested for possession of marijuana.

On Saturday 21 year old Louis McIntosh was arrested for possession of stolen property, trafficking in stolen property and use of dangerous drugs.

21 year old Chesney Cano was arrested Saturday for use of dangerous drugs.

48 year old Shirley Hinton was arrested at a business on Broad Street for disorderly conduct.

19 year old Lydale Goseyun was arrested Saturday for shoplifting at the Hunter Drive Circle K.

Friday morning an officer arrested 27 year old Jesus Flores at a traffic stop for possession of marijuana.

Dustin Daniels was arrested Friday for trafficking in stolen property.

Miami Police arrested 41 year old Troy Milam on a warrant for child support.

Gila County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a report of child abuse taken at a residence in Claypool; a theft of copper wire taken from a Qwest pole on Highway 77; and a fraud report taken at Action Pawn.

Globe Police are investigating a domestic assault at a business on Highway 60; a theft report taken at a residence on Main Street; a report of harassment that occurred at Shining Times Car Wash; a harassment report taken at a residence on Saguaro Drive; a report of telephone harassment taken at a residence on Galiuro Gap; a burglary at a residence on North High Street; and vehicle burglaries at a residence on Juniper Drive.

Globe Senior Center Volunteer Meeting

The Globe Senior Center Volunteer Meeting is today (Monday) at 10:30am. Learn about opportunities to help in the community.

Visit the Globe Senior Center tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:am for Benefits Assistance if you have Medicare or other related questions.

Miami Council Meets Tonight

Miami Town Council meets tonight (Monday) at 6:30. They’ll consider amending the Zoning Ordinance relating to Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Cultivation Sites. The Council will also review and possibly approve the letter of support to Bell Copper Corporation regarding its exploration and potential mining in and beneath the Town of Miami.