Friday, November 12, 2010

Longtime Globe-Miami Radio Personality Gene Pearsall Dies

KIKO is sad to learn that longtime local radio personality and station operator Gene Pearsall has passed away.

Gene was the owner and operator of KJAA for many years and more recently a host on KRDE. Gene also worked for KIKO.

Gene left this area for awhile and I had the opportunity to work with him at KCKY in Coolidge when it was a popular country station. This was around 1979-80. Gene was the morning DJ and I was the midday host. I remember him as being fun to work with and very professional. He got on my case a couple of times for coming in at the last minute. That's OK, I deserved it.

I almost went to work for Gene at KJ in 1995 but I ended up at KRXS briefly and then KIKO.

Funeral arrangements for Gene Pearsall are pending.


  1. My Dad gave me a birds-eye view of the radio business which gave me a fun and interesting childhood. I remember being on his radio show when I was very young and him interviewing me in the old KIKO studios back in the 70's. The sound of the old teletype machine going non-stop and people recording commercials throughout the day. Many memories were made there when my Dad was a DJ and the General Manager. I don't have to wonder where I get my dramatics, vocal talent, and humor from. Thanks Dad. May you rest in peace in the arms of our Lord Jesus.

    Bill Pearsall