Friday, January 27, 2012

Programming Changes on KIKO and KIKO-FM

As of yesterday, KIKO-FM 97.3 has switched to an all comedy format, featuring a mixture of established comedians and newcomers. KIKO-FM's signal covers not only Globe-Miami but also a big chunk of Central Arizona, including the East Valley in the Phoenix metro area.

Oldies lovers will notice an improvement in the music featured after 10:am on KIKO-AM 1340. Instead of playing mostly songs from the 1970's, we're bringing back many more songs from the 1960's and even a few from the 50's.


  1. Hate it! Why would you do that? Your station was the only decent thing in Globe. Now I either have to listen country or stand up comedy? I believe this was a huge mistake on your part.

    1. I have semi-good news: It looks like we will be dropping the oldies on KIKO-AM 1340 (except for Willie Powers' weekend oldies show) for a music format very close to what we had on KIKO-FM.
      (This music will start daily at 10:am after JB's current morning show on KIKO-AM--not sure if JB's music will change much or not.)
      This is not official, but I believe it will happen within the next few days.
      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your interest!