Monday, September 9, 2013

Globe Council Meets Tonight at 6:00

Globe City Council meets tonight (Monday) at 6:00.

They will adopt the results of the August 27 Municipal Election and consider a recount for District 4.

The agenda also includes an Operations Agreement between the Globe Active Adult Center and Gila Aging Services.

The Council will be introduced to Library Clerk Adria Ricke. The Empty into Awesome Award will be presented to Famous Star, Jr. And there will be a presentation about Utah Congressman Ken Ivery’s visit to Globe on  Wednesday (September 11) to conduct an educational presentation about the “Transfer of Public Lands Legislation.”

A lengthy Executive Session will include legal advice about pending contracts and possible litigation.
The Council will  receive legal advice about the requirement for public bodies to post minutes or recordings of all meetings on the City’s website, along with a statement of legal actions taken. They will also receive legal advice about compliance with the Arizona Open Meeting Law and Public Records Act.


  1. Ummm, Utah doesn't have a Congressman Ken Ivery. Ivery is a State Representative and not Congressional. Someone might want to inform the Globe City Council they're being duped.

  2. You're right. Even though the Globe press release refers to Ivery as a "Congressman," from now on I'll just refer to him as the President of the American Lands Council, as it says in another press release. The fact that he's a state Representative is irrelevant.
    Thanks for pointing that out!