Monday, October 7, 2013

Globe Announces Finalists for Police Chief

The City of Globe has announced the three finalists who are being considered for the position of Globe Police Chief. They are:

Simon Brown of  Wasilla, Alaska. He is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Alaska Army National Guard and retired Commander of the Alaska State Troopers.

Timothy Truett of Maricopa, Arizona is the Professional Standards Unit Supervisor for the Maricopa Police Department.

And Jeffrey Kirkham of Mesa, Arizona is a Compliance Specialist with AZ Post, former Nogales Police Chief, and a retired Mesa Police Lieutenant.

The finalists are undergoing intensive background review and the City Council is conducting interviews.


  1. How is a Sergeant from Maricopa qualified to lead any police department. He should do his time, promote and then seek higher office once qualified. Just because his relatives live in Globe does not make him qualified. Please say it isn't so that they select based upon association and not qualifications!

    1. You're right. Tim Truett is not qualified and he is a liar.

  2. It's very unfortunate for the City of Globe to have Tim Truett as the new chief of police. Tim Truett is a one of the bad guys. He has lied in a number of police reports, assaulted people when he was off duty and has put innocent people in prison. To have Tim Truett overseeing the department’s Professional Standards Unit, where he handled internal affairs cases, when he was a Maricopa police officer was ridiculous. In that position he was able to cover up his own unethical and criminal acts. Regardless of what Tim Truett thinks, ETHICS AND HONESTY DO MATTER.