Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Globe PD Investigating Shots Fired at Highway 60 Safeway

The Globe Police Department has issued a press release about shots fired Monday night at the Safeway and Walmart stores on Highway 60. There were no injuries.

Five shots were fired around 7:45pm from a moving vehicle on Highway 60. Two of the rounds struck a vehicle parked at the north end of the Safeway parking lot and one round struck a vehicle parked at the south end of the parking lot near the Safeway store. A fourth round traveled over the top of the Safeway building and landed  on Miami High School property. It is not known where or what the fifth shot struck.

There were no reports of anyone being hit by the shots but two vehicles were damaged.

If you have any information about this incident please contact the Globe Police Department at 425-5751.


  1. There should be a deep investigation or maybe even a reward to find the person or persons guilty of this!! WHAT IF a person or a innocent child would have been hit? ?? Several people in this town packing guns THINKING it's okay? ? Whoever did this needs to be found and prosecuted Not left on the streets to do it again!!!

  2. vehicle was on the highway. should be able to pull from the camera at the stop lights vehicle information and license plate and make an arrest! hope they do.

  3. Brandon Twohey is who did this shooting, CONFIRMED!, I am not sure exactly where he resides (I know he lives with grandparents).