Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Charles Fee Charged with Kidnapping

A Globe man has been formally charged in connection with a hostage situation on January 7.

50 year old Charles Fee was arrested yesterday (Tuesday) after the Gila County Attorney’s Office received a no bond warrant from the Globe Regional Justice Court. Fee was charged with kidnapping, a dangerous crime against children, misconduct involving weapons, domestic violence aggravated assault, and threats and intimidation.

On January 7, Fee allegedly held a man and several women and children hostage because he thought the man had stolen a gun from him. He wouldn’t allow anyone to leave until the gun was returned to him.

Gila County Sheriff’s deputies responded after a 911 call and Fee was taken into custody without incident.

The case has been forwarded to the Gila County Attorney’s Office’s Office for prosecution.

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  1. if someone stole one of my guns I would have done the same thing. If that have got stolen and someone shot someone or was injured. Then it'd fall back on him. The mother of those children have a long rap sheet when it comes to all of her kids. Everyone was drinking; hence a party. I admit he should have called the police but he's always had issues with law enforcement. He had no clue who took it and was worried about others safety. The mother (not naming) brought a friend(s) and looking at her background. You'll see she hangs out with bad influences. She was on probation and was to get off the next day prior to the incident. So Charles, aka chuck, aka my father is out numbered. So to save her ass this is what happened. My dad invited them to come over shoot guns and have a jolly ole time. Chuck was with the mothers mom for a long time as I was growing up. Yes chuck was in the wrong on certain things; but kiddnaping??? I personally am gonna get a layer to help represent my father. If anyone should be in jail is the girl. The "victim(s)"(mother of 2) that knowingly brought their kids into that sittuation. After they had shot the guns he put them up in a secure place. Chuck had left a hand gun on the table as always just in case for protection as always. You ask anyone if something of theirs goes missing after just using it at your own home. I bet you my life with alcohol in them they'd threaten in generally till it showed up. When everyone showed up he had to let (unlock the gate) them in and as we all do shut it behind him. This is going to be pushed and see to it that the mother of the two children (10&12years) is charged accordingly. If not Gila county's justice system is a failure and disgrace to our society.