Monday, July 2, 2012

Police Log

Nobody was hurt in a two vehicle accident yesterday afternoon on East Cedar.

No injuries were reported in a two vehicle accident Friday afternoon on Highway 60 near Cobre Valley Motors.

Another non-injury accident occurred Friday afternoon at Cedar and Broad.

Miami Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Davis Canyon. A man beat a woman with his hands and then struck a man who was trying to help with a blunt object. The suspect fled the scene before officers arrived but was caught the next day after attempting to run from officers. 23 year old Ruben Mageno was charged with aggravated assault and criminal damage. Mageno also had an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct.

Miami Police arrested 22 year old Malorie Tucker for theft.

Last night Globe Police arrested 28 year old Alane Reyes for disorderly conduct  after a disturbance at a business on South Hospital Drive.

61 year old Thomas Allen was arrested Saturday afternoon for driving with a revoked license. Allen also had an outstanding warrant for probation violation.

24 year old Shalet Dillard was arrested Friday for theft and trafficking in stolen property.

46 year old Joseph Root was arrested on a failure to comply warrant for criminal trespass.

35 year old Adam Contreras was arrested for trespassing at a business on East Sycamore Street.

Globe Police are investigating a report of fraudulent schemes involving prescription drugs at Walmart; a fraud report taken at a residence on Euclid; a harassment report taken at a residence on Prickley Pear Drive; a theft at a business on Highway 60; and criminal trespasing at a residence on Yuma Street.

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is investigating criminal damage at the Gila County Jail;  an assault reported in the area of the Claypool Little League fields; a burglary at a residence on Main Street; a theft at a residence on Russell Road; a theft at a residence on Mayss; and a theft at a residence at El Capitan.

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